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    This course is accredited by PACE for 3 hours of CE for chiropractors in states that accept PACE


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Basic Principles of DTM

    • The Origins of the DTM Process

    • "Trigger Points" are a Nerve Interface Problem

    • FAQs

  • 2

    Chapter 1-Head-Neck

    • DTM treatment of Head and Neck Pain

    • Video-DTM treatment of Head and Neck Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 1

  • 3

    Chapter 2-Shoulder

    • DTM Treatment of Shoulder Pain

    • Video-DTM Treatment of Shoulder Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 2

  • 4

    Chapter 3-Arm

    • DTM Treatment of Arm Pain

    • Video-DTM Treatment of Arm Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 3

  • 5

    Chapter 4-Upper Back

    • DTM Treatment of Upper Back Pain

    • Video-DTM Treatment of Upper Back Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 4

  • 6

    Chapter 5-Lower back

    • DTM Treatment of Low Back Pain

    • Video-DTM Treatment of Low Back Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 5

  • 7

    Chapter 6-Abdomen

    • DTM Treatment of Abdominal Pain

    • Video-DTM Treatment of Abdominal Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 6

  • 8

    Chapter 7-Hip

    • DTM Treatment of Hip Pain

    • Video-DTM Treatment of Hip Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 7

  • 9

    Chapter 8-Leg

    • DTM Treatment of Leg Pain

    • Video-DTM Treatment of Leg Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 8

  • 10

    Chapter 9-Foot

    • DTM Treatment of Foot Pain

    • Video-DTM Treatment of Foot Pain

    • Quiz-Chapter 9

  • 11

    Final details and what's next

    • See How DTM Fits into a the "BIG PICTURE"

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  • What is NCA?

    NeuroCentric Approach (TM), AKA NCA, is the assessment and treatment system developed by Dr. Phillip Snell and Dr. Justin Dean. It is a principles based system that integrates the best current evidence on manual therapy, rehab exercise and pain science. Learn more at

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  • ELIGIBILITY: Who is this course for?

    This course is for licensed chiropractic physicians (DCs) and offers CEUs to doctors in most states and provinces. While other licensed healthcare professionals (PT, LAc, MD, DO, ND, ATC, LMT, personal trainers) will find this material helpful in care of their patients and clients, those professionals should contact their state organizations to determine eligibility of this material for CEUs.


Senior Instructor

Phillip Snell, DC

Dr. Phillip Snell is a chiropractic physician with clinical practice in Portland, OR, USA. As adjunct faculty at University of Western States, he has taken part in the largest federally funded (NIH) research grants in the history of the chiropractic profession. Additionally, Dr. Snell is the creator and content manager of 5 online websites which leverage technology to help clinicians and members of the general public improve understanding of application of exercise in neuromusculoskeletal injury and pain.

Dr. Snell is the creator and curator of, a resource for chiropractic physicians to obtain accredited continuing education via video delivery of online lectures. is a self-guided online tool for those suffering from lumbar disc herniation. Subscribers receive education and exercise recommendation to help them reduce risk of injury and improve long term healing of lumbar disc herniation.

DermalTractionMethod is a neurocentric manual therapy technique developed by Dr. Snell and Dr. Justin Dean. The method focuses on easy to learn and easy to teach manual techniques to assess and correct mechanical interface dysfunction of the superficial cutaneous neurology. is the first comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation method combining unique assessment, manual therapy and exercise interventions. With Dr. Justin Dean, Dr. Snell offers coursework in this innovative approach to an old problem...chronic pain.

Dr. Snell also lectures internationally at professional conventions and in-person continuing education presentations on exercise interventions, manual therapy and integrated pain science in the treatment of chronic pain and neuromusculoskeletal injury.


See what your colleagues are saying about Dermal Traction Method!

"Novel approach..."

by Marc Heller, DC, columnist DCOnline

“I strongly suspect that this is really going to change the game. Self care oriented, neuro-mobilization, thanks again, Phillip Snell and Justin Dean, I strongly suspect that you have added a huge piece to our Body of Work.”

“…We had her deadlifting by the end.”

Beau Beard, DC,

“…patient with 3+ years of left high hamstring pain, worse with sitting, lunging and forward flexion. Had 2 rounds of prolo with some dry needling mixed in about 6 months ago which seemed to help some, but now it is back full force. Has gradually removed more and more movements from her workouts, does not run anymore. You know what’s next…DTM with varied positions and movement mixed with some non-compressive isometric loading of the hamstring. No pain with MS flexion and we had her deadlifting by the end.“

"20# PR after DTM..."

Chad Eldridge, DC

“Received a message from a Crossfit athlete I worked on yesterday for shoulder tightness and discomfort. “First day I’ve done jerks in awhile where my shoulders felt open. 20#PR on top of it. Thanks for yesterday!”

"Patient started laughing and couldn’t believe it.”

James Valcarcel, DC

“49 year old male, suffered fall c3/4 herniation, c6/7 herniation, with bulges all other levels and chronic neck pain and radiculitis to left hand. Cleaned up all the pain and constant radicular symptoms with traction and MDT. Still getting intermittent shooting pain down the hand with forward head flexion, protraction and reaching with left arm (think bending forward while seated to tie a shoe). Used DTM on the left shoulder and cervical spine while going through that reaching motion and all symptoms abolished. Patient started laughing and couldn’t believe it.”

"8 years of shoulder pain...gone"

DJ Goldstein, DC

“For all those interested, just know DTM WORKS. I’ve had crazy great results with almost every patient I’ve used it on. Yesterday, I completely resolved a patient’s shoulder pain that had bothered him for 8 YEARS in ONE VISIT. This price is an amazing deal for this guidance. Thank you so much Phillip and Justin. I (and my patients) are so indebted to you both. The DTM movement is here, good people. Don’t miss out.”

“I’ll be honest…I was a bit skeptical”

Alex Sundin, DC

“Patient went from a 6/10 to 1/10. Taught him how to do the procedure at home… Have been doing multiple other soft tissue modalities, and therapeutic exercise with him, which has helped, but hasn’t given instant results like DTM provided.”

"That pinchy thing made all the difference!"

Maryanne Harrington Dimak, DC

"Mid-40s spin/barre enthusiast who has been struggling with 10 years of hip discomfort/tightness with a history of multiple hip surgeries. Great in-office results however been struggling with home exercise compliance until a breakthrough last week. Comes in re-energized and excited about finally 'doing her homework' yesterday… Me: 'What part of your home care do you see the best results with?' Patient: 'That pinchy thing has made all the difference.'"